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Don't Spill, Just Squeeze-N-Fill!

Buy Direct from The Manufacturer and Save!

New Hydroponic Gardening Accessory, Nutrient Measuring Cup Kit

Easily measure any liquid and get exact measurements from 1 milliliter up to 60 milliliters (including ounces, tablespoons, & teaspoons) with our easy to clean removable measuring cup and cap kits. No cross-contamination due to a stop valve and upward flow. In order to see the measurements on a typical measuring cup, shot glass, or graduated cylinder you have to set the cup on the table and lean over to get level with it. With the Exact-Cap you can bring the measuring cup up to your eye level for easy and accurate fluid measuring.

Seasoned growers know that a lot of the nutrients, additives, and especially pH up/down that are used to aid in the growing process are harmful to humans and animals, let alone expensive. With our revolutionary removable measuring cup and cap system you'll never spill again!


Exac-Cap is providing a revolutionary clean and simple alternative to measuring your expensive and harmful nutrients, additives, and/or any liquids! A necessity for growers of all kinds, from hobbiest, to professional prized growers. 


Keep your plants happy, healthy and maximize yields with the our nutrient measuring cup kits. Never spill or over feed again due to hard to pour bottles. Save money and the planet by never having to buy plastic throw away pipettes, syringe's, or breaking your briddle glass shot glass. Our durable chemical resistant plastic is long lasting and easy to clean. Just wrinse with clean water or remove the valves and put them in the dishwasher. 


Completely empties bottles & great for pH up/down! 

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